Climate Action for a Green Coop


MSU-IIT NATIONAL MULTI-PURPOSE COOPERATIVE proudly supports climate action initiatives towards a greener, better and sustainable cooperative. The Green Technology has come to serve in years from 2016 to present under the initiative of our Board of Directors and Officers, and Management. The Committee was transferred in June 2022 to the Management after years of being assigned in the Board and Officers level. Its objective is to educate and to inform the community on saving our Mother Earth by instilling in every individual the awareness of mitigation and adaptation due to climate change.

Our climate nowadays is changing and even unpredictable which caused to terror experiences in different areas in the country and in the world. Devastating typhoons, floods, and low-pressure areas placed remarkable traumas to those affecting individuals. This climate change is actually triggered to  human distractions resulting to natural and technological disasters. With this, our Coop is taking its action to mitigate such problem by realizing our plans into actions.

The Committee has started to spread awareness to our employees and member-owners by strengthening the Cooperative Principle No. 5 (Education, Training, and Information), participating training and seminars in Coop Climate Action Summit, focus group discussion, tree growing activity in coordination with GAD & Youth Committees, members and volunteers from the community, and to integrate another “C” in the 5C’s of Credit into 6C’s of Credit which is Climate Change education in 2023. Through this, every individual is guided in manifesting theirs actions rightfully without harming our environment. As a matter of fact, our Coop did join the “Green Coop Advocacy”, this is an avenue among all participating Coops taking climate change into action program passionately and be given a recognition facilitated by NATCCO (National Confederation of Cooperatives) and ACCU (Association of Asia Confederation Credit Union) Fortunately, we passed the given criteria after series of assessment conducted which classified our Coop as “qualifier” for the “Green Coop Award”. In line with this, we are gearing up for the next level of assessment.

Through this, in order to sustain our goals and objectives strengthening the 13th SDG (Sustainable Development Goals), successive learning sessions shall be give among our members across the areas and climate action programs in participation of our community shall onboard in 2023.