Member Benefits

Monthly Premium P100 (KASAPI) P60 (Plus Health), P200 (I-GROUP)
  • All members in Good Standing can avail the product.
  • Members can avail the benefits after full annual payment of Php 720.00
  • P600 per day Hospital Income Benefit for primary members and one (1) declared dependent; maximum of ten (10) days in a year.
  • Free 3 laboratories (CBC, Urinalysis & Fecalysis) and 3 Consultations in a year (Primary and Dependents)
  • 20% discount in all laboratories at Coop Lab, Iligan City

Monthly Premium Age 18 to 39 yrs. old - Php 100.00
Age 40 to 49 yrs. old - Php 110.00
Age 50 to 64 yrs. Old - Php 135.00
  • Compulsory to all members.
  • To avail the benefits, members must be MIGS with a share capital of P2,000.00 and savings deposit of P500.00 at the time of availment.
  • Additional P15.00 per parent (optional) 25 years to pay
  • Php 125,000.00 death assistance for primary members
  • Php 15,000.00 death assistance for dependents (maximum of 4 children below 21 years old and spouse)
  • Php 10,000.00 death assistance per parent