EkoopWeb Members™ Portal


Technological progress has provided us with more efficient means of moving forward. It enables people to achieve efficiency in all sectors.

At a time of global pandemic where the usual gatherings and meetings are restricted, NATCCO continues to provide technological solutions for its member cooperatives.

MSU-IIT National Multi-Purpose Cooperative is at the forefront of these technological advances. In 2011, NATCCO partnered with MSU-IIT NMPC to pilot the Ekoopbanker Plus software. This core banking software solution was designed to assist cooperatives in attaining greater efficiency in their day-to-day transaction processing.


Through the years, NATCCO continues to embrace new technologies to make cooperative businesses more efficient. Thus, in September 2020, NATCCO-IT started its newest partnership with MSU-IIT NMPC as it officially launched the eKoopWeb Members’ Portal.

The EkoopWeb Members’ Portal is integrated into the Ekoopbanker Plus. It allows members to access their savings, share capital, and loan balances right at their fingertips.

Additionally, online membership application and online loan application with a loan calculator are made possible through the portal. Hence, members can easily access and monitor loan status without the need of going physically to the coop branch. Indeed, this came as a timely solution amidst the covid-19 global pandemic where movement is limited and people are restricted to travel from one place to another.


Because of rapid technology and option, a sustainable competitive advantage is needed to better serve members and expand financial services. Technology has huge potential to be used for social good. Our aim is to have these technologies getting more accessible to diverse groups by the day.

MSU-IIT NMPC lives by its mission “to provide and to satisfy (our) members –owners with excellent products and services”by being at par with the advancement of banking technologies.

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