MSU-IIT Multi-Purpose Cooperative. Ato Kini!


Growing Social Enterprises, Building Communities



During these years series of orientation seminars about cooperative organization were conducted by then Department of Local Government and Community Development among interested employees of the Institute.


Cash deposits by eager and enthusiastic employees were made through Mr. Roberto A. Dangkulos, who acted as Acting Treasurer. It made an initial bank deposit on March 7, 1978 at then Family Bank (now Bank of Philippines Island (BPI)) of Eighty six pesos and Twenty Centavos (P86.20).

This was also the year when the Vice President Manaros B. Boransing acknowledged and recognized the endeavor of the employees by creating a committee on organizing a credit union chaired by Prof. Edna E. Aberilla.


The MSU-IIT Employees Credit Cooperative, Inc. (MSU-IIT ECCI) was formally organized and had its First General Assembly on January 17, 1979. During this assembly its set of officers was organized led by Prof. Edna E. Aberilla as Chairperson.

Policies were laid down, officers went on various trainings in Cebu, Dumaguete, Cagayan de Oro and attended in house trainings in the Institute with invited resource speakers. All these were made possible with the support and assistance of the institute officials led by Vice Pres. Boransing.


The Bureau of Cooperative Development Office (BCOD), the government agency overseeing cooperative operations approved the organization of the MSU-IIT ECCI as a full-pledged credit cooperative.

It had its first recognition when the Regional Cooperative Development Assistance Office (XII) adjudged MSU-IIT ECCI as the Most Outstanding Regional Cooperative.


It expanded its operations by opening a consumer division which was formally opened in July 1983.


In time for the 7th Annual General Assembly, it had its first amendment of the By-Laws and Articles of Incorporation and renaming it as MSU-IIT Employees Integrated Cooperative, Inc. (MSU-IIT EICI). The amendments were approved by then Regional Cooperative Assistance Office (RCDAO) through RC No. FF-005, dated March 21, 1985.


Recorded its first million of total assets.


Another service was expanded with the opening of Kindergarten School in coordination with the PFWC, catering to the early education of members’ dependents.


After the passage of the twin laws, R.A. No. 6938 – Cooperative Code of the Philippines and R.A. No. 6939 – Creation of the Cooperative Development Authority (CDA), MSU-IIT EICI was highly honored when its first Chairperson, Prof. Edna E. Aberilla, was appointed by President Corazon C. Aquino as the first Chairperson of the Cooperative Development Authority (CDA).


MSU-IIT EICI’s existence was confirmed by the Cooperative Development Authority through the issuance of registration (Cert. No. CR-025-CGY, dated March 22, 1991.

This was also the year when it embarked on a dream project of putting its own building. A memorandum of Agreement was forged between the Mindanao State University and the MSU-IIT EICI, stipulating among others to allow the cooperative the use of 334sqm. Of land at the east gate of the Institute to be utilized for a building of the cooperative. The MOA was likewise confirmed by the MSU Board of Regents in its 144th meeting under BOR Res. No. 75, S. 1991. On August 10, 1991 no less than Senator Agapito ‘Butz’ Aquino led the corner stone laying of the new building.

It was also in the year, that MSU-IIT EICI landed in the pages of the national dailies when it received two national awards as Most Outstanding Cooperative by the Cooperative Union of the Philippines (CUP) and as one of the cooperative finalists of the Sikap Gawa Award by the Bishop-Businessmen’s Conference.


In time for the 14th Annual General Assembly another round of amendments in its Articles of Cooperation and By-laws was approved by the assembly. The amendments made were those provisions to conform with R.A. 6938, as well as an expansion of its membership by accepting dependents of members and MSU-IIT Employees Multi-Purpose Cooperative (MSU-IIT NMPC).


In June 1993, the first floor the MSU-IIT Co-op building was occupied with no less than then Vice Mayor Atenedoro “Dodong” Ruiz leadin the ribbon cutting ceremony.


MSU-IIT NMPC was fortunate to have links with the University Co-ops in Japan wherein their experiences were shared through seminar-workshop type educational undertakings here in Iligan. This started visits by officers to University Co-ops and Consumers Co-op in Japan. Japanese counterparts who shared their experiences with the MSU-IIT NMPC was led by MR. Toshifuni Kuriki, Manager of International Relations of the University Co-ops, Japan.


The Grade School Program was formally launched, and likewise the general assembly gave its nod to expand the services of providing complete elementary education.


Awarded as Regional Most Outstanding Cooperative in Region XII (Non-Agri Category), and adjudged as 1st Runner-Up in the National Search for Outstanding Cooperative.


Through the assistance of MASS-SPECC, an automated package of the financial recording through micro-banker system was established.


The MSU-IIT NMPC for the first time hired a full-time General Manager in the person of Engr. Deal Noel D. Benegrado.
Identified as one of the 10 Co-ops in Mindanao for the Socio-Economic Development through Cooperatives in the Philippines (SEDCOP) Project of MASS-SPECC and NATCCO. The Project envisioned to set standards that are internationally acceptable.


On its Mid-year GA, the general membership amended the by-laws to shift from closed-type to open type cooperative and accepting members outside of MSU-IIT and the Co-op was renamed MSU-IIT Multi-Purpose Cooperative (MSU-IIT NMPC).


Attained as a century asset cooperative status at the close of December 30, 2002 and listed as the No.49 cooperative in the Philippines with century assets.
Likewise, the Grade School program was further upgraded into Cooperative Academy by offering First Year High School classes.


Celebrated its Silver Anniversary. It also opened its first branch at Pala-o, Quezon Avenue Extension, Iligan City on February 18, 2003 to cater to the downtown members. Hon. Franklin M. Quijano led the ribbon cutting ceremony.

Again MSU-IIT NMPC was adjudged Regional Most Outstanding Cooperative – Non-Agri (this time in Region X), and nominee to the national Search for Most Outstanding Award by the Cooperative development Authority.


MSU-IIT NMPC opened a new branch located at Kiwalan, Iligan City.


A new branch was established at Buru-un,Iligan City. Also in this year, MSU-IIT NMPC opened Coop Life Assurance Center (CLAC) which caters life and non-life insurances.


During this year MSU-IIT NMPC opened three satellite offices which were strategically located at Tubod and Poblacion , Iligan City and at Manticao, Misamis Oriental.


Seeing the growth and need of the people for the cooperative, MSU-IIT NMPC opened another new satellite office located at Suarez, Iligan City and another branch at Maranding, Lanao del Norte. Also this year, Tibanga Main has opened their new Savings and Credit office.


MSU-IIT NMPC’S reputation is known even outside areas of Iligan City. Bulua branch was established this year to cater members and community of Cagayan de Oro City. The coop also celebrated its Pearl Anniversary.


A warm welcome was given to our cooperative as we enter CDO Community. MSU-IIT NMPC built its new expansion at Cagayan de Oro which was located at Cogon. Also Tubod and Poblacion Satellite Offices were upgraded to a full-branch status.


Manticao Satellite Office was upgraded to a full branch status. MSU-IIT NMPC launched its health care program called COOP CARE.


Over a decade of being an open-type cooperative, Head Office was transferred to its new home, located at MSU-IIT NMPC Bldg. Quezon Avenue Ext.,Pala-o , Iligan City